101 rules for dating leykis ex girlfriend is dating

Again THR: Why was creating music streams so important that you gave it equal attention?Leykis: The music formats were important to us to show another side of what we do.

Still, few thought Leykis, a known name in radio whose show was aired on 25 different affiliates with a devoted audience of several hundred thousand, would abandon terrestrial radio forever.STORY: Radio Giant Clear Channel's Syndication Arm Defends Rush Limbaugh THR: Why is not available on i Tunes?Leykis: Here's the problem with i Tunes: if you want to listen to the live stream, we tell you how to do it on our website and it can be done. Adam Carolla was never a talk show host, he took calls, but that's not the same.Tom Leykis has been called a lot of things: a misogynist, a woman-hater, a showboat and an egomaniac. As the host of his own radio call-in show, the 58-year-old self-described "big-balled bastard" has doled out advice on dating (via his Leykis 101 rules for men -- i.e.never spend more than in a night) and parenting (don’t do it), offered his opinions on politics and business, and raised the blood pressure of millions in the process.

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