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Although Stone recalled that “There was only one will in our family, and that was my father’s,” she described the family government characteristic of her day.Hannah Stone earned a modest income through selling eggs and cheese but was denied any control over that money, sometimes denied money to purchase things Francis considered trivial.She assisted in establishing the Woman's National Loyal League to help pass the Thirteenth Amendment and thereby abolish slavery, after which she helped form the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), which built support for a woman suffrage Constitutional amendment by winning woman suffrage at the state and local levels.Stone wrote extensively about a wide range of women's rights, publishing and distributing speeches by herself and others, and convention proceedings.Developments within that controversy over the next several years shaped her evolving philosophy on women’s rights.A debate over whether women were entitled to a political voice had begun when many women responded to William Lloyd Garrison’s appeal to circulate antislavery petitions and sent thousands of signatures to Congress only to have them rejected, in part because women had sent them.She entered the college believing that women should vote and assume political office, that women should study the classic professions and that women should be able to speak their minds in a public forum.Oberlin College did not share all of these sentiments.

Having determined to obtain the highest education she could, Stone enrolled at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1839, at the age of 21.

In the long-running and influential Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818, on her family's farm at Coy's Hill in West Brookfield, Massachusetts.

She was the eighth of nine children born to Hannah Matthews and Francis Stone; she grew up with three brothers and three sisters, two siblings having died before her own birth.

etc.” Stone read a newspaper account of how a Connecticut antislavery meeting had denied the right to speak or vote to Abby Kelley, recently hired as an antislavery agent to work in that state.

Refusing to relinquish her right, Kelley had defiantly raised her hand every time a vote was taken.

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