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Plus, there's also the romance of winning a small fortune at the spin of a wheel!

Here at Casino 1 Club, we have an exciting range of over 14 different kinds of standard online roulette games, plus another 12 Live Dealer Roulette rooms to tickle your fancy.

In addition to the centre grid consisting of the main numbers, you’ll see another few squares.

The terminology may vary, but you’ll recognize the red and black diamonds, even, odd, 1 to 18, 19 to 36, and 1 twelve.

Use all this to get started with the game, and don’t forget to read more about strategy over the next weeks.

Don’t get hung up with the payouts; most of them are easy to get just by playing a little, and the system will always calculate these things out for you.

But you can note that you definitely get a little more engrossed in the game the more you play, and it’s almost as if the board itself has some kind of magic appeal.

But the basic rules will only get you as far as your luck will take you.

And if you stop developing your roulette game play, luck is all you'll have going for you.

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