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Or stand and watch two of his beloved sons be tortured and executed before him for their role in attempting to overturn the Republic. Men aspire to ideals of city and nation, but often to the detriment of those closest to them.

Olympias, fourth wife of Philip II of Macedon, bore Philip his son, Alexander, who would one day conquer much of the civilized world.

Highly ranked among those two conspirators were two of Brutus’s adult sons.

Brutus then faced a choice: grant leniency to his sons, yet in so doing sully the new Roman Republic with petty nepotism and corruption right from the start, likely dooming it. women, almost without exception, put their kin and any group they have decided they must protect above all else.

Had Rome not remained a republic, who knows what would have become of it?

And we can be quite sure all the nations today that were modeled on it – such as the United States of America – would not exist in a form remotely like what they are now... The success or failure of that conspiracy led to a split in the timeline that reverberates down to today.

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