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Outside lie verdant gardens, inside the opulent suites offer all contemporary comforts.For pampering there’s a Jiva Spa overlooking the greenery, while for gourmet dining there's Ada and Celeste and the Jade Terrace distinguished by its view of the city, the Shahi Dastarkhan serving traditional ‘chowki’ feasts.The restaurant is made in heritage style, it is not that big either. The rooms, ambiance, everything makes you feel like royalty. I can never thank my in-laws enough for making this majestic place the heavenly venue for our wedding.Keema Bhare Karaily - Keemay Bharay Karailay - Bitter Melon / Bitter Gourd - Karela - is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown for edible fruit, which is among the m ...The Bamiyan Cultural Centre will be a space for exhibitions and training, bringing together the wonderful history of Afghanistan that showcases a crossroads of different civilizations.

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A person should clothe himself neatly and decently according to his position in life; provided, what he wears has been acquired through legitimate (halal) means; and if he cannot clothe himself properly through legitimate means, then he should try to be decent within his limits, as recorded in most of the reliable traditions of Islam.He approached the Imam (a.s.) and questioned him why he was so decently attired when the Holy Prophet and other ancestors of the Imam (a.s.) never were.The Imam (a.s.) recited the following verse from the Holy Book;and elaborated that in the days of Prophet there was poverty while at present there was economic prosperity and as such pious people had a better right of spending to display the generosity of God.Children can follow the life of a panda keeper one day and cook dinner with a Beijing housewife the next. Although a Little Far from the City, but it is must visit place, It is the best Heritage hotel in the region, The Rooms (For stay), the Food, the place, the underground tunnel, and the tree house, vintage cars are some of the attractions inside. The place creates that royal aura all around you with those classic vintage cars on the entrance, the tallest of all fort gates (Reference: Limca Book of Records), the vast royal green lawn with palace like rooms on all four sides of it, hospitable staff and not to forget the mouth watering food!

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