Dating good looking ass

To get to that stage, he would have to be good looking enough to reel you in? A tiny (4 incher...thank you) penis is a no-no for sure but so is a HUGE one. Most men (notice I said MOST) on the smaller side actually try harder to please than the large men. Attractive to me, intelligent, charming, attentive Plus: on a first meet we women do not generally take out a tape measure to decide if we wish to see you again.

Which is a welcome change from well-endowed guys just swinging their dic*s around. So if we can only choose between 1 and 2 I would choose good looks.

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I don't think many women would choose a man whose primary hobby is sleeping, followed by watching TV. Great sex comes from being attracted to the person you are with, not from penis size. and if he could somewhat pull my hair during sex..smack my bottom some... and if maybe he could like carress me some in the middle of the night.would be good.. Friend 1 said this guy's penis was the size of her thumb (erected) so she dumped him.

If the "outrageously good looking" guy has huge biceps, I'd take him over big penis any everyone else said....although, I did go out with a guy who was very nice yada yada yada, he was very into oral and was very good at it. Friend 2 said this guy was a great guy (great personality, manners, sense of humor and values) who also introduced her to his family but his penis was so small that she couldn't have sex with him, so she dumped him.

His penis was TINY...seriously, look at your thumb..was it. Friend 3 said she enjoys more a thicker penis, length was not so important but this guy was small and too tiny for her and that's why she dumped him. So there have to be a balance, somewhere in the middle, average size and average looking.

I had a talk with myself and had to admit it was an issue. The rest is a matter of personality, sense of humor, the way a man carries himself (the same applies for women)hahahaha this is a stupid question if u ask me.

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It's an experience every last one of us deserves to have. Are you sure the man is your life is truly a grown-ass one?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Question being, if you had to choose between two guys, one who is outrageously good looking, like tall, beautiful face , good body but has a small penis while the other guy is dog ugly but proven to have an outrageously big penis.Between these two guys who would you choose considering all other factors being equal like wealth, personality etc.When someone says she has a nice personality men naturally assume she is dawg ugly. But a winning smile and genuine charm goes a long way.

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