Dating old spice bottles

IMHO, there is a lot of irresponsible writing out there regarding vintages that ignores very real issues such as maceration and note degradation.

With that disclaimer brought up (and set aside:) This is really, actually very lovely.

Get it from India, closer to Shulton recipe and not the standard P&G recipe although I don't really mind the later, more of a powdery note though.

I believe the reason why some people say Old Spice is unisex is because they are confusing the after shave with the cologne. The after shave is very light, pleasnat, lemony, and yes, I consider it unisex. SACK UP and spray some of this Gods nectar on Yourself and see what it feels like to be a REAL MAN!

But this scent is just a classic, and I can't see many people being disappointed with it's performance, especially for the price.

This is perhaps the most manly and memorable scent used by men for generations.

Not much to say here about Old Spice, we all know what it smells like.

After all, it's an aftershave splash for men that shave there face, right? It was never called "Early American For Woman," Why spread false information?

This was made long before the term "unisex" even existed from the PC crowd. 'Early American' and 'Old Spice' are different fragrances.

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