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We were still between 85 and 100 miles when we hit the ground but we didn't slide that far. He has relied on the recollections of his wife Wendy and the other passengers to fill in the gaps in his memory.

"From talking to Valentine, he was conscious the whole time, he said 'David, be glad that you don't remember.' All the seats except mine broke loose and went forward." Contrary to media reports at the time, none of the six passengers were thrown from the plane. The rescue squad was there and took everybody out through the back baggage compartment door out the back of the plane." All six were admitted to New Hanover County Hospital in Wilmington. After two months of fighting for his life, the pilot died in the hospital. Crockett, who felt the effects of the crash for six months after it happened, suffered trauma to his head and sustained other injuries.

When Austin Idol told me about that that was the first thing that went through my mind. The pilot had a big briefcase with some airplane manuals in it.

I grabbed that and put it under my feet because I didn't have time to get my shoes on." "I knew we were going down, there was no question of that," continued Woods. The controls levelled the plane out and that was about it.

And with that the lives of promoter David Crockett and wrestlers Tim Woods, Bobby Bruggers, then-U. Heavyweight champion Johnny Valentine and a 24-year-old upstart named Ric Flair were inextricably changed forever. Two careers were ended as a result of the crash, and another one, that of Ric Flair's, was almost stricken down before it ever really got started.

"And it tore the bottoms of his feet down to the bone and he nearly never wrestled again.

I knew that I wasn't going to die but I figured we'd all get hurt, it was just a matter of how badly." Even though he knew they were going to crash, Johnny Valentine believed he would come out unscathed.

"All the time when they were going down, he said he knew he wasn't going to be hurt," said Valentine's wife Sharon. He said they were in trouble but that he was going to be all right.

"At the time I was scared to death," Crockett recently told SLAM!

Wrestling from his office at WCW headquarters in Atlanta.

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