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All three proposals were funded, at a collective level of .8 million over a three-year period.As the ESMF project gained momentum, it replaced the CMIWG as the focal point for developing community modeling infrastructure.In 2008, a project manager was appointed for the National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC), a joint project for weather prediction of the United States Navy, the National Weather Service, and the United States Air Force.Now I’m not a professional detective, but since I am currently blessed with the magic of “seeing” I’d wager a little bet that all 5 pictures are of a different girl.Couplers follow the mediator pattern and take the outputs from one component and transform them into the inputs that are needed to run another component.

The components within an ESMF software application usually represent large-scale physical domains such as the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, or land surface.

ESMF increases the interoperability of Earth-science modeling software developed at different sites and promotes code reuse.

The idea is to transform distributed, specialized knowledge and resources into a collaborative, integrated modeling community that operates more efficiently, can address a wider variety of problems more effectively, and is more responsive to societal needs.

The ESMF is considered a technical layer, integrated into a sophisticated common modeling infrastructure for interoperability.

Other aspects of interoperability and shared infrastructure include: common experimental protocols, common analytic methods, common documentation standards for data and data provenance, shared workflow, and shared model components.

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