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As we went around the room, there were some great terms being chosen – faith, honesty, wait, truth, caring, etcetera.

So if there isn’t one chosen person for us, what about God providing Eve for Adam?

I thought I would be able to reflect back and pinpoint this moment in time where my life turned the corner or “took off.” Maybe in the past this has been the “hopeful wishes” of an optimist, or the positive thoughts of an idealist, however I have truly seen glimpses of how God can work in and through my life when I approach it .

A couple of weeks ago, my small group leader challenged us to find a word that would serve as a cornerstone for our year, which would stimulate us to be better individuals, that would motivate us to become stronger spiritually.

It would be unprofitable to assume that God gives man the choice of accepting salvation through Him as our free will, but gives more importance to who our spouse should be as opposed to where we spend eternity.

Where we spend our eternity is more important than who we marry in the eyes of God.

A few months ago, I saw many of my hometown friends sharing an article about my old high school.

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They put up a collage of four girls and ask who's ugliest.Then they cross off the “winner” and ask the same question about the remaining three girls until the one with the least amount of negative comments “wins”.I actually know the child – the gorgeous, sweet, intelligent and kind child – in this photo and she attends the same school as my daughter.But that’s the thing about a vow – while our society may not always agree, they are generally binding.In my mind, when a couple says “for better or for worse” on their wedding day, this means “I will choose to love you even in the times I would prefer that you leave and never come back.” I think this type of intentional love is clearly much easier said than done.

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