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Join The Exchange and Street Food Markets for a one-day food fair with stalls providing Christmas menus – german sausage, gourmet falafels, beer, cider, mulled wine and much more.

Come and enjoy the festive feast amongst the jolly lights provided by the Erith Christmas Tree Festival in and around the beautiful 19th Century Christ Church in Erith.

Until the mid 19th century, Erith was a popular small port and anchorage, often a stopping off point for ships bound for the Port of London to discharge some of their cargo.

In the 19th century, this commercial activity was complemented by leisure and recreational uses, with a large ‘pleasure garden’ built along the river where Morrisons now stands.

Erith is an ancient settlement, dating at least back to the medieval period.

For more information regarding this development, please contact L&Q.One of the earliest industrial businesses was the Erith Iron Works at Anchor Bay, opening in 1864, but soon a large number of heavy industrial uses came into being, accompanied by an extensive network of goods railways connected to the mainline. It was built as an industrial railway pier, allowing goods trains direct access to anchored ships. The site will also provide a new state-of-the-art primary school and public spaces. The Erith Park development by Orbit Homes includes a mix of houses and low rise apartments to rent and for sale including low cost home ownership.In the 1960s, the town was extensively redeveloped following Modernist town planning ideas, including pedestrian/traffic separation, multilevel commercial environments and residential tower blocks. The project has also provided a new public open space, opening up access to the Dell.This redevelopment, which had been partly prompted by wartime bomb damage, dramatically altered the layout of the town, and many crucial routes were radically altered: notably the High Street became largely a service road for the new shopping centre. The development is close to the shopping centre, library, sports centre and public transport links.The town’s public spaces were also fundamentally altered by the construction of flood defences, which serve a crucial purpose in protecting the area from flooding but which sever much of the town from a connection to the river. It also benefits from open space and children’s play facilities.

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