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And it’s this expertise - combined with a passion for design and innovation - that fuels an ongoing mission to create amazing water experiences, just for you.METHVEN WAIPORI SATINJET SHOWER SLIDEIn our distinctive Waipori collection, we have taken traditional geometric shapes and subtly tapered them for the modern bathroom and kitchen. The classic simplicity of Waipori with flexible height adjustment gives you invigorating showering designed for the whole family. Architectural Designer Products was established in 2001 and is proud to be Australia’s largest and most innovative bathroom furniture manufacturer.As a leader in the bathroom furniture industry, Architectural Designer Products combines quality products, innovative designs, and seamless functionality.With a strong 15 year warranty and the experience from manufacturing for over 70 years, Ram is currently the largest manufacturer of tapware and waste outlets in Australia.Our Scala Collection was inspired by the easy-going spirit of the Australian lifestyle.Teknobili takes forward thinking Italian design to a new level.Embracing the innovative attitude the country is famous for, Teknobili delivers its most exciting range of high-end bathroom products yet.

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Scala's place in our collective imagination has made it one of Australia's timeless classics.

We continue to drive our promise to consumers worldwide by delivering inviting products that last, with superior performances that are dependable, and ensuring each innovation is purposeful and sustainable.

Crafted with Swiss precision, Nikles is intensely focused on the development of innovative showerheads and sprays.

Offering confidence for independent living, Mobi's mobility solutions deliver a new level of freedom and safety in the bathroom without compromising on style. Omvivo's innovative range of basins and washplanes reflect an intrinsic desire to create water efficient and environmentally responsible products that are truly individual, while displaying an absolute commitment to considered design.

When comfort and quality of life matter, make it Mobi. BASE offers a comprehensive range of affordable and reliable bathroom products .

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