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This finding suggested that there was almost instant development of life after oceans were formed.

The structure of the microbes was noted to be similar to bacteria found near hydrothermal vents in the modern era, and provided support for the hypothesis that abiogenesis began near hydrothermal vents.

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Precambrian stromatolites in the Siyeh Formation, Glacier National Park.Geologically, the Hadean Earth would have been far more active than at any other time in its history.Studies of meteorites suggests that radioactive isotopes such as aluminium-26 with a half-life of 7.17×10 Internal heating as a result of gravitational sorting between the core and the mantle would have caused a great deal of mantle convection, with the probable result of many more smaller and more active tectonic plates than now exist.At first, it was thought that the Earth's atmosphere consisted of hydrogen compounds—methane, ammonia and water vapour—and that life began under such reducing conditions, which are conducive to the formation of organic molecules.During its formation, the Earth lost a significant part of its initial mass, with a nucleus of the heavier rocky elements of the protoplanetary disk remaining.

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