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’ After all, I’m old enough to know what my interests are (I like books, especially when they’re in colour order), to embrace my quirks (the words ‘beverage’ and ‘platter’ make me physically cringe) and to accept that someone with kids is more likely to understand my single mum status than someone without. Then again, that was before my complicated life became even more complicated with the discovery that I had type II bipolar affective disorder (Mind statistics say there are 1-3 in every 100 who have the condition).

I breezed through the facts and figures stuff (and no, I never lie about my age or being just shy of 5ft 2; every pot has a lid) but discovered that the ‘About me’ part wasn’t so easy. Having been diagnosed in 2012, I’ve had time to get over the shock of it and to try and accept that whilst it’s part of me it’s not my core defining feature.

Even if I don’t, the pills I take each night, come rain or shine, may be something of a giveaway.

As actress and bipolar sufferer Carrie Fisher said of her own medication regime, ‘This constantly puts me in touch with the illness I have.

A few weeks ago I sat down to write an online dating profile and thought ‘How hard can it be?One in 10 respondents said it took them over a year to finally tell a new partner about their mental illness.Perhaps that’s why websites like No Longer (an ‘online social community for adults with mental illness’) exist. Although it represented an immediate place of acceptance, it also made me feel that I was having to define myself by my illness.But as I filled in my profile I couldn’t help thinking, ‘What about prospective dates?When they find out about it, will they be more circumspect?

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