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this is an annoying problem but the game is brilliant nonetheless The best virtual dating game I have played yet. She can be very reserve to completely uninhibited in different situations, depending on what you do. Game is a long one and has many choices and many endings,played without reading the walkthrough and got further than I thought I would before she ended the date. [back wall] Let`s check out the rest of your house 11. Got two differnt endings so far, going to try for more. [left side] Let`s drive towards the outskirts of town 23. [anywhere] Take a picture of her in her underwear 37. If playing online, remember to refresh (I’d actually recommend emptying your browsers cache just to make sure it doesn’t get confused with the old version). I don’t want to draw too much attention away from dsp3000’s release, but obviously, I’m still working on getting a final version of Leanna released.The render times on the animations are taking a massive amount of time. [anywhere] Get in bed go to sleep * Sorry, no sex for you in this plot, but fingering her is hot! Even if you cannot complete all steps, you can usually still continue with her at home.

[anywhere] Let her get dressed, then celebrate victory 29. I could just finish the game and release later this week with the two male player character options, plus a few expanded scenes from the version you know. Or, I could persevere and add the female player character options.This means that the full version of Leanna will not be released for a while longer, maybe even until February.Location is a hint to the location on screen of where to click; Option is the hover text that pops up when you find the right location. ====OPENING==== * This is an opening sequence that should be used to begin all dates.

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    It helps, of course, that the city has a fairly compact center loaded with date-friendly diversions — indoors and out — to suit most tastes.