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The vestry of the south side seems to be the latest extension, from 1500-1550.

The altar piece, with the year of 1650 painted on it has been made in the workshop of Lorenz Jørgensen.

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The tower, west of the nave, is in its present appearance dating from 1490es, when quite a low tower was heightened, which might have been erected already 1350-1400.

Price guarantee All unnecessary items are done away with.Feriepartner is Denmark’s largest chain of local rental agencies.You find Feriepartner across the country - along the west coast of Jutland, by the Baltic Sea and on the islands.The church of Vig is in Romanesque style (in England: Norman).The church consists of a nave from the 11 hundreds, to which originally was built a chancel, which however already at the beginning of the 12 hundreds was torn down and replaced by a new one.

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