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(Note: only hardsubs appear on devices such as PSPs) • Before claiming that a file is corrupt, check the size of your downloaded file with the size posted next to the filename or download it again. • If you don’t see the subtitle, then try a different player. Though Tweetie quickly hooks up with Fox, an older but eager ... Stars: Woo-sung Jung, Soo Ae, Seung-won Cha, Jae-Kyung (Hyun-Bin ) is a tough guy, who is a high school senior, If he turns 19 years means, he could be a millionaire by inheriting his deceased grandfather's wealth. See full summary » Director: Tae-gyun Kim Two bored housewives who use "Dewdrop" and "Tweetie" as their Internet chat room monikers are longing for a bit of excitement. Can she accept help from her lover, even in the face of disgrace? See full summary » Director: Hyeon-jin Park A heart wrenching drama about a woman fighting to keep her dignity while dealing with her Alzheimer's. The descendants of Hong Gil Dong aka The righteous thief 2009 17. Director: Jin-yeong Kim The film is based on a true case from the early 1990s that is known among Koreans as the "disappearance of the frog children." In 1991, five elementary school students told their parents ...

They each want society to change to offer different opportunities. After that, in your download folder, you should see the joined file.• If you want to speed up the release of the next episode, then provide a link to the MU Raw file.• Recommended Video Player (K-lite codec/MPC): When a download link says Temporarily Unavailable (MU) or Error (MF), then just wait (up to two days) for it to fix itself before posting a comment claiming that it's "deleted" or “dead”. Go to this site to DL HJ-Split: When you unzip it and get the files. • We are not a fansub, so we don’t create the subs.• When complaining about a file, make sure you specify which file host (MU or MF) and which part (Part 01 or Part 02) has the problem. If you want to know the status of the subs, then go and ask the fansubs.

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